The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray

By Oscar WIlde

Newly Adapted for the stage by Amy K Barnes

“Each of us has Heaven and Hell in him…”  Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray is a fascinating tale about the power of Beauty and Art, and the search for Pleasure and Sensation.  A Victorian Gothic tale: Dorian Gray has haunted readers for over a century.  When a perfect portrait is painted of a young man more beautiful than any other, a desperate vanity overtakes him.  On a wild whim, he wishes that the portrait would age instead of him, and that it would bear the marks of his own sin.  Dorian cries out that he would trade his very soul for that.

So begins Oscar Wilde’s cautionary tale of a young man whose face is always full of youthful innocence, unheedful of the passing of time and sorrow.  But what of the face of the portrait?  What of the hidden heart, locked in canvas?  And what will Dorian do when he is faced with a picture of his own soul?

Join us as we present the timeless tale of Dorian Gray’s reckless journey in the perfect setting — an art gallery!  We look forward to seeing you at The Glade.

Amy K Barnes

Founding Artistic Director: Haven Arts Theatre

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