Much Ado About Nothing

What an honor it has been to finally produce live theatre again after the year that was 2020. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of environmental theatre. I’m also a HUGE fan of anything experimental and out of the box. About a year ago I began eyeing this area in our local park and imagining the cool theatre we could potentially produce in that space. With the closure of performance venues and the concerns about gathering people indoors, we finally decided to pursue that option. It took some time to figure out how one does a thing like perform in an open green space, but once we did, we took off running.

We were blown away by the incredible talent that auditioned, and together with these phenomenal local artists we have created something that I believe is truly special. Using the simple theatre magic of a wooden trunk and a garland circle on the ground, we have created the sprawling orchards of Messina. Creating action that happens both within the circle and around it and the audience, the show has become an immersive experience with a life of its own.

Thank you to those who came out and braved the gray and gloomy skies to join us for our opening weekend. There are two more scheduled performances of Much Ado About Nothing: January 30th and 31st at 2pm in Timber Lane Park DGC, in Spring TX.

Amy K Barnes – Founding Artistic Director of Haven Arts Theatre

We are a 501(c3) Nonprofit theatre company and can only produce theatre through the generosity of patrons like you. Please consider donating to Haven Arts Theatre so that we can continue to produce quality theatre. Information on how to donate can be found on our website: Donate Today.

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