What’s Happening with Haven Arts?

If you have been following Haven Arts Theatre, you know that we recently started raising funds for our first large scale production: Come Alive.  This piece of complex dance theatre is STILL in the works!  We are planning on producing this show in Spring of 2019.  We will continue raising funds until then so that we are ready to begin rehearsals with the new year!

But wait!  Haven Arts will be producing material BEFORE Come Alive hits the stage.

We have a couple of small scale projects in the works right now.  Our first project is a single dance.  We are going to take a small group of dancers to Corpus Christi and film our dance on location.  (We’ll let the location be a surprise!)

Stay tuned to learn more about that piece, and when it will be available for viewing!


Thanks again for your support and interest in Haven Arts Theatre.  We are beyond excited about what the future holds.


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