A Little More about Come Alive

fire tower

I’ve been choreographing for a long time.  Over the years, I’ve found songs that I knew I had to choreograph some day.  They began to live in my head and slowly take form.  they show back up from time to time… reminding me to create them.  But there’s never been a good time, or place, or reason.

Well I finally stopped waiting for the golden opportunity.  I finally decided that it was time to set them free.  So I’m creating “Come Alive.”  It’s a piece of dance theatre involving a wide variety of dance genres.  I’m using, experimental modern, tap, lyrical, tango, ballet and jazz.

This show is out-of-the-box because, where most dance concerts involve only recorded music, we will have live vocals.  And our vocalists dance, too.

We are also (theatre space allowing) going to bring in some aerialists for two numbers in particular. And don’t forget stage combat.  There’s a dance involving warriors with swords.

All this to say… the show is difficult to define, which is why I’ve tried not to label it with a genre.  It’s somewhere between a dance/music review and a dance-heavy musical.  It includes a lot of high spectacle, and a lot of sincere depth.  I hope that it will move and inspire the audience in a way that only dance can.

Dance is the language of the soul.

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